Brain Cancer cure by Peer Usman (Testimonial of Brain Cancer healing (interview in Urdu) )


Brain Cancer healing by patient's son: My mother had brain cancer. At the end, one of the top Pakistani surgeon told us that she needs to get a brain surgery. The surgeon also mentioned the side effects of this type of brain surgery including major risks. Her condition was that she had even stopped recognizing her children. Now after receving the spiritual healing treatments from Peer Usman, she is fine and went for Umra. My niece also had a vocal cord cancer and after receiving healing sessions and "dum" from Peer Usman, she is now perfectly fine. Peer Usman does not charge any fees, compensation or reward in any form. Allah has given shifa, healing and cure through Peer Usman and I believe one of the reason is that he is a loving and simple person who does all this healing for humanity without asking any reward in return for it;