Success Stories Of Healing

Stroke Healing: I had a stroke attack about a month ago and lost movement and functionality in my right arm and leg. After 2 healing treatments from Peer Usman, I was able to start moving my arm and walk fluently (Toronto, Canada).
Blood Cancer healing: My daughter had blood cancer. She has now received 10 healing sessions over the period of 2.5 months, one session per week, and now feels much much better. Since starting this healing and “dum”, she had no blood in the stool (Pakistan).

Brain cancer healing: I had a surgery for brain tumor and during the surgery the optic nerve was damaged and I lost vision in my left eye. After 4 healing treatments from Peer Usman, my vision improved and my left eye vision also started to coming back (Toronto, Canada).
Arthritis healing: My condition had become so bad that when I was on a bed or on a couch, I couldn’t get up without assistance. I also had severe pain in my knees due to Arthritis. After just 3 days of daily healing treatment, I start getting up from chair or couch by myself without any pain and assistance (Toronto, Canada).
Immune disorder cure: I had blood disorder of white cells. After receiving few healing treatment from Peer Usman, my reports became clear and now I am free of the blood disorder by the prayers of Peer Usman and his spiritual Quranic healing (Pakistan).
Kidney Issues: I had kidney problems. My right kidney was removed and left kidney had cancer. I also had knee problems. I came to see Peer Usman here in Calgary. After one healing treatment my knee problems are gone and I am hopeful that God willing soon my kidney problems will also go away with continues healing treatment.
Spine and Back Issues: I have been suffering from ankylosing spondylitis (AS) for over 35 years. I tried all types of available medicines including allopathy, homeopathy, physiotherapy, occupuncture etc before giving up on them. After receiving 4 sessions of spiritual healing from Peer Usman, my condition dramatically improved. I could not bend myself for years and now I can even touch my knees while standing (Canada).