Recent Healing Interviews

Epilepsy Healing: I want to thank Peer Usman for treating my son who had epilepsy for the last three years. After about seven to eight months of the spiritual healing treatment and ruqyah from the spiritual guide, Peer Usman, my son is now disease free and there are no signs of epilepsy. I would encourage everyone who have this epilepsy disease to come to Peer Usman for spiritual healing so that they can also benefit.
Paralysis Healing: A month ago, I had a stroke attack that paralyzed my body. I couldn’t walk and lost my sight as well. A friend of mine brought me to Peer Usman Hospital. After, I received one healing session and ruqyah “dum”, I was able to start walking. And now after few more healing sessions and Ruqyah “dum”, I am perfectly all right. By the Grace of Allah and God Willing, people will keep getting healing and benefit from this hospital which is dedicated for humanity.
Intense Pain Relief: I am an advocate by profession. I had severe pain and couldn’t even walk. I went to see Peer Usman as per my friend’s recommendation. I found that his spiritual healing was all Islamic; it was based on Quranic verses and was offered free to every one. After the spiritual healing, my pain has mostly gone now and I am in much better condition. This is a great humanitarian work and I pray that Allah give more blessings in this work.