Non Muslims Converted To Islam By Peer Usman

A number of non Muslims have embraced Islam on the hands of Peer Usman.   The most famous of all is former German ambassador Yasmeen, who had breast Cancer and cured by Peer Usman, converted to Islam in 2013. Peer Usman treats Muslim and Non Muslim patients with the same ‘dum’ and prayers based on Quranic verses. Like Muslims, Non Muslim people suffering from different diseases including Cancer, Immune Disorder, Stroke, Parkinson, Kidney Disorder, Epilepsy, Skin Problems, Spine and Back Issues, Hepatitis, Paralysis and other chronic diseases contact Peer Usman for help. After getting healed by Peer Usman, some non Muslims develop curiosity about Islam and they start learning about it. By the grace of Allah, so far over seventy non Muslims have converted to Islam on the hands of Peer Usman.