Interview of an Arthritis patient healed by Peer Usman


Arthritis Healing: My name is Rosemin and I live in Toronto, Canada. I am suffering from Arthritis, that was diagnosed last year. My condition had become so bad that when I was on a bed or on a couch, I couldn't get up without assistance. I also had severe pain in my knees. I was referred to Peer Usman who was visiting Toronto, Canada, by my brother. Somehow I managed myself to come to Peer Usman and now after just 3 days of daily treatment, I can easily get up from chair or couch by myself without any pain and assistance. I am really happy now. He doesn't give any medication, only prays and give oil to massage. Peer Sahib has not charged me anything and all he asks is to give $5 to your own worship place. He is a very good person, very friendly and very helpful. I strongly recommend him to everyone.