Munshi Mohammad Ramzan Free Hospital

tab-imgPeer Usman laid down the foundation of this hospital back in January 1st, 2010.  He named this hospital after his late grandfather “Munshi Mohammad Ramzan”. The hospital with 27,000 square foot of coverage has 22 patients rooms and a beautiful large masjid attached to it where hundreds of people offer their gratitude and thanks to the Almighty Allah. Each patient room is equipped with a bed and an attached bath. The sole purpose of this hospital is to offer free healing and treatment to everyone irrespective of his or her religion, status or condition. The majority of the contribution for this hospital has come from Peer Usman’s own personal donation, including several acres of his ancestors’ land. Other donations came from his other family members including his father and friends (from Pakistan, UK and Norway).

Construction Cost of Hospital:

So far about 4.5 crore rupee (4.25 million dollars) have been spent on the construction of the hospital.  The break down of this expenditure is as follows: Peer Usman donated about 3.5 crore rupee ($3.2 million dollars) and a large piece of land whose estimated value is around 2 crore rupee ($2 million dollars).  Another large donation came from Norway of about 23 lakh rupee ($260000) while the rest came from Pakistan.